The annual Missoula Children’s Theatre production at Central Lyon High School, which is normally the week after the River Valley Players’ musical, has been rescheduled to a week in April.

Rehearsals will be April 13-17 with auditions being the 13th, and the performance on April 17th.

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For more information, contact Emily at 712-472-2217.

For more information, contact Emily at 712-472-2217.

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There will be a World Day of Prayer event on Friday, March 6th at the First Reformed Church, 512 South Union Street, Rock Rapids, IA at 1:30 pm.
This year the program is written by women from Zimbabwe, and numerous churches from Rock Rapids work together to present the prayer service.
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There are a number of closures and delays for today and this weekend. Please visit the Closures and Delays page on our main website, for that information.

Mark your calendar for October 6th. That’ll be the night for a Rock Rapids Mural Society fundraiser called “Ladies Just Want To Have Fun.” It’ll be from 1 to 5 pm. On the schedule are: prizes every half hour, snacks, wine tasting, and learning to care for and plant succulents to take home. Board games and cards will also be played, Plus there will be vendors and shopping. If you have questions, contact Sandy Wynia.

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The Merrill Pioneer Community Hospital Auxiliary will have the 2nd annual Family Fun Night on Tuesday, August 13th from 4 to 7 at Island Park, west of the swimming pool. This is the fundraising event that is replacing the annual hospital fair. There will be inflatables, lawn games, a meal, ice cream, a silent auction, and a general store where they’ll have baked goods, fresh vegetables and other donated items. Call Carol Oliver if you have any questions.