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USDA NASSNorthwest Iowa — The numbers for the 2016 crop year are in, and according to the USDA’s National Agricultural Statistics Service Crop Values Summary, Iowa’s field and miscellaneous crop production was valued at $14.9-billion for the year.  That’s a 5-percent increase from 2015.

According to the report, the value of corn for grain production totaled $9.18-billion, up 4-percent from the previous year, and production was up 9-percent.  Iowa’s average corn price was $3.35 per bushel, a decrease of 17-cents from the previous marketing year.

The report lists the value of soybean production at $5.34-billion, which is a 9-percent increase over 2015, despite the fact that production was up only 3-percent.  Average prices increased 49-cents per bushel from the  previous year to $9.40 per bushel.

Value of production decreased in 2016 from the previous year for oats, alfalfa hay, other hay, and all forage.  Value of production increased for the previous year for winter wheat.

For a look at the complete USDA National Agricultural Statistics Service Crop Values Summary, click here.

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