Rock Rapids, Iowa — The Rock Rapids City Council met in regular session at the Forster Community Center in Rock Rapids on Monday, July 10th, at 5:45 PM.

Rita Rice was there to tell the council about a broken sewer pipe under the middle of the street near their house. She says if it had been “a couple of hundred bucks,” they would have just paid it. But she says the bill was $4000. And she said they were told it was their problem even though it was under the street.  City Administrator Jordan Kordahl says he will be meeting with the City Attorney who will have an opinion soon.

Michelle Sprock from the Green Space Committee was there to tell the council about the current plan for the dog park north of Sunshine Foods. The issue at this time appears to be the fence. They were told that FEMA would not approve a chain-link fence and Mayor Jason Chase says he was told they probably wouldn’t approve a collapsible fence either, which could be an issue for a park in which dogs would be allowed to run around without a leash. Kordahl said he would help Sprock contact FEMA.

The council accepted the final plat of the affordable housing area — Sunset Court Addition in western Rock Rapids, and also turned the project over to private developer Greg Popkes.

The city is requesting proposals on a half a block of new street at South 5th Avenue and South Bradley Street, extending 150 feet west to the alley. This new stub of street will connect an alley in the Sunset Court Addition to the street.

The next Rock Rapids City Council meeting is scheduled for at 5:45 p.m. on Monday, July 24th, at the Forster Community Center.

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