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Inwood, Iowa — A spotting of a vehicle that was thought to be suspicious in Inwood on Wednesday has got parents on alert.

The Lyon County Sheriff’s Office says they have alerted West Lyon officials about a possibly suspicious vehicle that was seen in the Inwood community the afternoon of Wednesday, September 6th. They identified the vehicle as a black 1987 Mercury Marquis with a strobe light on top, with Iowa plates. Lyon County Sheriff’s Chief Deputy Jerry Birkey tells us more.

Birkey says the driver was a male, approximately 6’4″ in height. He says he was not seen there the next day, Thursday, September 7th.

He says that while they are monitoring the situation, the individual has done nothing wrong and is not “wanted” by law enforcement.

He says they are notifying all the schools in the county, but are not releasing the name of the individual — even though they do know who he is — because he has not done anything illegal.

Nevertheless, West Lyon officials are asking that if you observe this vehicle in the area, to call 911.

Birkey says the event is a good opportunity to visit with your children about “stranger danger.”

The school is also reminding parents to tell their children not to approach strangers and not to accept anything from strangers. They also advise that it is best whenever possible to walk in pairs.

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