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Rock Rapids, Iowa — The Rock Rapids City Council met in regular session on Monday, September 11, 2017.

Tim Sprock addressed the council during the public comments section of the meeting. He says his wife asked people what they wanted to see in a mini-zoo, and he says that the main comment was that it was an eyesore. He told the council that his main issue is not getting his goats back, it’s trying to start a mini zoo. City Administrator Jordan Kordahl says that since the Sprocks’ plan includes housing the animals at their home, and that’s not allowed the way the property is zoned, Sprock needs to bring the issue up with the Rock Rapids Planning and Zoning Commission.

The council approved an ammendment to the Sunset Court development agreement which stipulates that it’s payable with TIFF funds and is payable in full by 2024.

The council approved a Forster Court Project payment of $196,346.62.

The Airport Pavement Overlay Project grant agreement was approved by the Iowa Department of Transportation, so the council passed a resolution authorizing the project.

The council also began the process to make some changes to the Urban Renewal Areas eight and ten. Kordahl says the changes to URA 8 are to allow the Forster Trust to make a contribution of up to two million dollars, running through the City of Rock Rapids, contributed over a number of years. The council approved starting the public hearing process for this change.

For URA 10, which includes the South Ridge Addition, the ammendment would add Holy Name Addition, so that they could use tax revenue from improvements in this area to help pay for work on South Greene Street, south of Twelveth Avenue. Again the council approved starting the public hearing process for this.

The council also approved a street finance report. This was to account for the road-use tax that the city receives every year on a per-capita basis from the Iowa Department of Transportation. This amounts to about $316,000, according to Kordahl.

The next regular meeting of the Rock Rapids City Council will be on Monday, September 25th at 5:45 p.m. at the Forster Community Center.

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