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Northwest Iowa — Those that know how the court system works know that things often do not happen as scheduled. Court officials are going to try again to hold pretrial conferences in a number of cases on Monday, October 2nd.

In Sioux County, 33-year-old Nina Spaans and 35-year-old Matthew Spaans are charged with three counts each of Child Endangerment Causing Bodily Injury, a class D felony in connection with alleged child abuse. Both have pled “not guilty.” The pretrial conference has been pushed back several times. It is now scheduled for this Monday morning, October 2nd. Matthew Spaans trial is scheduled for Tuesday, November 14th. According to court records, no date has been set for Nina Spaans’ trial.

In Lyon County, Cassandra Joy VanBerkum of Rock Rapids is accused of theft of medication. According to court documents, Van Berkum filed a written arraignment and plea of “not guilty” to the charges, one of which is a class C felony. Her pretrial conference is now scheduled for this Monday, October 2nd. The trial was pushed back to Tuesday, December 5th in Lyon County District Court in Rock Rapids.

Julian Barrientos of Doon is charged with felony eluding among several other offenses after a chase in Lyon County in April. Barrientos filed a plea of “not guilty” on May 30th. His court dates have been postponed several times. His pretrial conference is also scheduled at this time for this Monday, October 2nd. No trial date has been set.

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