Rock Rapids, Iowa — The Rock Rapids City Council met in regular session on Monday, October 9th, 2017 at the Forster Community Center.

The Finance and Administration committee had recently met, and one of the items they approved was the draft of an organizational chart of the City, and the city council approved that draft document.

The council voted to make payment number two for the Forster Court project in the amount of $44,398.01. They also approved an engineering agreement for the Aiport Project.

The council then held two public hearings regarding changes to Urban Renewal Area language. No written or oral comments were received.

The first change was to allow Forster Trust to make a contribution to the hospital project. The contribution would be made through the City. According to the document, the City is currently considering a proposal that would involve borrowing up to $1.5 million from a local financial institution in the form of a capital loan note or urban renewal revenue bond. The Forster Trust would make payments to the city to repay the loan on a 10-year period. City Administrator Jordan Kordahl says that the Forster Trust may or may not utilize the plan. He says the hospital project needs the money up front, but this agreement would allow it to be paid over time. In order to do this, he says there needed to be an update to the language of Urban Renewal Area 8, which the council passed unanimously.

The second language change — to Urban Renewal Area 10 — will allow tax increment financing or TIF funds to pay for Greene Street realignment east of Holy Name Catholic Church if that happens, according to Kordahl. An ordinance was also required, which was approved. The council waived the three readings and passed the ordinance directly.

In the Public Works Committee minutes, it was stated that the reason that the sidewalk work had stopped on First Avenue downtown was that the city was made aware that sidewalk work on Highway 9 requires a permit from the Iowa Department of Transportation. So work was stopped until the permit can be obtained.

Some council members may attend the Thursday, October 19th Lyon County League of Cities meeting in Doon. The next regular meeting of the Rock Rapids City Council will be on Monday, October 30th. It was rescheduled from October 23rd, due to unavailability of the mayor.

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