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Northwest Iowa — If you drive a snowmobile, an ATV, a side by side utility vehicle or an off-road motorcycle in Iowa and you haven’t renewed the license since September 1st of last year — it’s going to cost you a little extra now.

We talked to Lyon County Recorder Eldon Kruse. He says all old licenses expired on December 31st, 2017, and if you didn’t renew, you are technically in violation if you ride.

Kruse says some counties ask you to bring your old license when you come to renew, but in Lyon County, that’s not needed because they keep a record of your license from the previous year. He says you can also renew by mail.

The Iowa code says that all snowmobiles used on public land, public ice and designated snowmobile trails in Iowa must display a user permit along with a valid registration. The requirement is for both resident and nonresident snowmobile users, says Kruse.

He says users of the other types of vehicles do not need “trail/user permits” unless they are non-residents.

According to Kruse, all of these types of permits and licenses cost $17.75, but if you forgot to license your off-road vehicle, there will be that $5 fee.

Kruse says county recorders’ offices also handle boat licenses, but they are for a three-year period. He says all current Iowa boat licenses expire April 30th, 2019, so you have a while on those yet.

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