February 12, 2018 - 11:23 am - Posted in News

George, Iowa — Four people are charged with narcotics-related charges following the execution of a search warrant at a George residence Saturday (February 10th).

Authorities say the search warrant led to the arrest of 36-year old Jeffrey Warner of George, who is charged with Distribution of Marijuana, Gathering Where Methamphetamine Unlawfully Used, Drug Tax Stamp Violation. All three charges are Class D Felonies, according to officials. In addition, Warner was charged with various misdemeanor drug offenses.

Deputies say they also arrested 36-year old Jason Boone of Sheldon on charges of Enhanced Possession With Intent To Deliver Methamphetamine Within Certain Real Property, a Class B Felony, as well as Drug Tax Stamp Violation, a Class D Felony, along with a pair of misdemeanor narcotics charges.

Two others were also arrested, according to authorities. 37-year old Brian Corey of Sioux City, and 28-year old Heather Kruger. Deputies say both Corey and Kruger face multiple misdemeanor drug-related charges in connection with the search warrant execution.

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