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UPDATE: Rock Rapids, Iowa — After alerting the public to a purported scam on Tuesday, the Lyon County Sheriff’s Office is now taking back what they said about people selling satellite TV in the area. 

The Sheriff’s Office now says it is NOT a scam, and that the people in question are legitimate business people selling a legitimate product. They tell us that when they first alerted people to the scam, the salespeople did not possess a peddler’s license in the community in which they were attempting to conduct business, but the Sheriff’s Office says they are working on obtaining these licenses. They say that Lyon County residents can expect these salespeople to be conducting business in the county communities, legitimately, very soon.

The sheriff’s office also released some information to keep in mind regarding door-to-door sales.

ALL incorporated cities in Lyon County require a peddlers license to be obtained prior to conducting door-to-door business.

Additionally, Iowa Code chapter 555A governs door-to-door sales. This chapter requires the salespeople to provide a contract/receipt for any consumer goods at the time of the sale. The receipt should contain a company name, seller’s name, and all pertinent information regarding the transaction.

The purchaser of any goods from a door-to-door salesperson has the right to cancel the sale/contract by midnight of the 3rd day following the sale. If the contract/sale is canceled, the salesperson/company has 10 days to provide any monies received back to the purchaser, and the purchaser also must return everything to the salesperson.

They remind you that as always, you have the right to indicate that you’re not interested in purchasing anything and request the salesperson leave your property.


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Northwest Iowa — Another scam is apparently making the rounds in northwest Iowa. This one involves television service but could involve other services as well.

According to the Lyon County Sheriff’s Office, they have become aware of people going door to door in Larchwood and possibly other surrounding cities and rural areas. The people in question say that they are from AT&T and state that they have bought out Alliance Communications and/or Direct TV. They ask the resident for personal information to update their service.

The sheriff’s office says, “THIS IS FALSE! Please do not give any personal information to these subjects.” They advise people that if they had service with Alliance or AT&T, that that service with them is still in force.

The Lyon County Sheriff’s Office asks that if these people come to your door, call the sheriff’s office at 712-472-8300.

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