Rock Rapids, Iowa — A winner has been chosen to be the Republican candidate in November in a county supervisor race in northwest Iowa.

Lyon County saw a few contested races in last Tuesday’s Primary. On the Republican ticket for Supervisor District 5, there was a tie. Both candidates, Steve Herman and Kirk Peters received 255 votes each.

At the Lyon County Board of Supervisors meeting and official vote canvassing on Monday, June 11th, a name was picked out of a hat to be the Republican candidate in November. Steve Herman’s name was drawn. Kirk Peters has until 5:00 p.m. on Thursday to request a recount.

No Democrats filed for that party’s nomination, and no Democratic write-in votes were received either during the primary. But the Republican candidate would face any challenger from the Democratic or any other party, or any independents during the general election on November 6th. Candidates can file between August 6th and August 29th.

Supervisor District 5 includes the area from north of Lester to the eastern border of the county east of Little Rock. For the most part, it’s all north of Highway 9 except in the city of Rock Rapids, where the line dips to the southern city limits in the eastern part of town.

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