Iowa Congressman Steve King says he’s getting signals from the White House on the president’s preferred path on immigration policy.

King suggests with a “rifle-shot” approach, there would be bills that address just one topic, like border wall funding in one bill and another that addresses so-called “DACA” recipients who were illegally brought into the country by their parents when they were children.

President Trump is scheduled to reveal his nominee for the Supreme Court vacancy on Monday night. Last month, Congressman King was among the Republicans who helped defeat two immigration bills advanced by House G-O-P leaders. King says the failure of those bills improves the chances future proposals will be in line with his views.

J.D. Scholten of Sioux City, King’s Democratic opponent, says it’s time to “modernize” the country’s immigration policies.

Scholten says it’s frustrating to watch the D.C. debate on this topic.

Trump tweeted Thursday that Congress should “FIX OUR INSANE IMMIGRATION LAWS NOW.”

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