July 31, 2018 - 6:02 pm - Posted in Community Calendar, News

Rock Rapids, Iowa — Repairs and improvements have been made and several Rock Rapids streets are set to get a coating of oil tack and rock chips — commonly known as seal coating.

The City of Rock Rapids tells us they have contracted for seal coating of certain streets in town. They say work is expected to start and finish on Friday, Aug 24, 2018, weather permitting.

The contractor, Pearson Bros of Hanover, MN will set up “No Parking” signs the night before, Thursday, Aug 23rd.

Four avenues in the middle of town will get the treatment. Second, Third and Fourth Avenues from Highway 75 to South Greene Street will get seal coated, as well as South Sixth Street from 75 to South Story Street. South Fifth Avenue is a concrete street in that part of town so will not be seal coated. Greene Street will also be seal coated from First Avenue to South Seventh Avenue near the Activity Center.

Other streets being seal coated are further east, including Tama Street from First Avenue to South Fifth Avenue as well as the entire length of Mill Street. That’s the street north of the county shop and the fairgrounds, along the river.

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