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Northwest Iowa — Area farmers had a good week for harvesting last week, according to the USDA National Agriculture Statistics Service Iowa Crop Progress & Condition Report issued Monday.

The report says northwest Iowa farmers had 5.3 days suitable for field work last week, and they made the most of it. At this point, the report says, 76-percent of the corn has been harvested here in northwest Iowa, that’s above the statewide average of 72-percent. Southwest Iowa has the least amount of corn harvested, at 55-percent.

As for soybeans, the report says 95-percent of the soybean harvest is completed here in northwest Iowa, compared to the statewide average of just 88-percent complete. Northwest Iowa’s soybean harvest is also ahead of last year’s, according to the report. At this time last year, just 91-percent of the state’s soybean crop had been harvested.

Here in our part of the state, Topsoil Moisture is rated 0-percent Very Short, 0-percent Short, 75-percent Adequate, and 25-percent Surplus. Subsoil Moisture is rated at 0-percent Very Short, or Short. 78-percent Adequate, and 22-percent Surplus.

The statewide average for the corn harvest is at 72-percent, which is 3 days ahead of last year, but one day behind the 5-year average. The statewide soybean harvest, at  88-percent complete, is 2 days behind last year, and 6 days behind the average.

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