Inwood, Iowa — As of this Thursday, until further notice, West Lyon students will have to get on the bus on a hard-surfaced road, whether or not they live on one.

West Lyon Superintendent Shawn Kremen says impetus behind the policy was when were getting all the snow. The idea was that they would still be able to have school, even if the buses couldn’t get through the gravel roads so that they could get all their school days in. He says in that way, they wouldn’t have to extend the school year into June. However, now protecting students, drivers, and buses from getting stuck is a concern as well.

He tells us specifically what that means.

Kreman says basically, the districts 15 buses would pick up students only on hard-surfaced roads that are already part of the bus’s normal route.

Central Lyon also has such a policy in place for similar reasons, but at last check, they had activated it for current conditions.

Click here for a document detailing West Lyon’s Hard-Surfaced Routes

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