Northwest Iowa — An Iowa farmer invited to speak when President Trump visited an ethanol plant in the state this week used the moment to make a plea on behalf of “corn country.”

Kevin Ross said, “Mr. President, you delivered on E15, but we have more work to do.” He told the President that EPA’s oil refinery waivers threaten to undo what the President did. Ross asked Trump to listen again because “the pain that the ethanol and biodiesel industries have endured is holding back a farm economy that has further capacity to produce clean air and clean liquid fuels for this country.”

Trump complimented Ross for his speech but did not directly address the EPA waivers that let big oil companies avoid adding ethanol to gasoline. Trump told the crowd the deal recently struck on immigration with Mexico includes a pledge to buy more U.S. ag commodities.

Trump said, “Mexico’s going to be doing a lot of buying, a lot of buying. Within a year and a half, I would say, you’ll be in the best position that you’ve been in in 15 years as farmers and you deserve it.”

Trump signed an executive order at the event in Council Bluffs. It directs federal agencies to streamline regulations that deal with agricultural biotechnology.

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