Northwest Iowa — The approval of the new Iowa Department of Transportation Five-Year Plan has meant some changes for northwest Iowa. We told you about the plan for Highway 75 in Sioux Center over the next few years. The plan’s impact over another project will have a much more immediate effect.

Also authorized in the five-year plan is a construction project on Highway 9 between Rock Rapids and Larchwood, which is to start yet this summer. DOT Highway Planner Dakin Schultz tells us about it.

He says it will start affecting travel on Highway 9 by sometime in August.

He tells us what to expect.

Schultz says the pilot car corridors will probably be about two miles or so. He tells us that this will not be the same type of project as the one last summer east of Rock Rapids. According to Schultz, that was a microsurface project, and this one will be a blacktop project with three to four inches of asphalt.

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