Rock Rapids, Iowa — It’s official. The former Rock Rapids hospital is being demolished and it will become a housing development.

The area will be made into nine lots, without an alley. Also, there is no plan to install Eighth Avenue, which comes into the area from both the east and the west, but since the hospital was there, it did not go through. Heather Stubbe was at the public hearing during the council meeting and had pleaded her case to put in Eighth Avenue with the Planning and Zoning Commission. She said that since the commission went ahead and approved the plat, sending it to the city council, without discussing her idea, that she had chosen not to re-read her letter.

The City is also looking into who has the authority to change the downtown traffic light on Highway 9 to a flashing yellow for the highway and a flashing red for Story Street during late night and overnight hours. The proposal is for the change to be from 10 p.m. to 4 a.m. Public Safety Committee member and councilman Ed Reck says that the idea was proposed by Sheriff Stewart Vander Stoep during the training for the new siren-activated traffic light system — the controller for which now has the capability of changing the light patterns based on time of day. Council member Scott Schneidermann said he understood why it might be a good idea, but was somewhat concerned about the possibility of speeding through the downtown area.

Also at the meeting, it was announced that the work to extend South 10th Avenue west to the new housing development near the Apostolic Christian Faith Church (Hawkins Addition) should begin this week.

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