October 16, 2020 - 3:55 pm - Posted in News

Rock Rapids, Iowa — Rock Rapids residents are wondering when they will get their new Casey’s store.

Almost three years ago — 33 months to be more exact, the Rock Rapids City Council re-zoned some property around the current Casey’s store in Rock Rapids. Casey’s bought up property in the area, and houses were torn down or moved. A portion of an alley was vacated, and zoning changes were made so that Casey’s could tear down their old store and build a newer, bigger one and add diesel pumps.

However, since then, there has been no indication of prep work on the site.

Rock Rapids Mayor Jason Chase says that Casey’s did refile their building permit based on not having appropriate permits at the time they originally filed. He said he was told that everything was ready. But that was nearly a year ago.

We reached out to Casey’s corporate office in Ankeny, and were able to speak with Casey’s Director of Communications, Katie Petru. Petru tells us that “right now it’s still early in plans for this property.” We asked Petru to confirm that Casey’s was still planning on building a larger store in Rock Rapids, and if they had encountered any difficulties. We were told only that building a larger store was the original plan, but she told us, “…however right now there is not a firm timeline to build a new store.”

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