Rock Rapids, Iowa — The Rock Rapids City Council met in regular session at the Forster Community Center on Monday night, February 22nd.

At the meeting, the council discussed the plans and specs and the form of contract for the Union Street Retention Pond. The original detention pond in front of the Avera Merrill Pioneer Hospital is being turned into a filled pond or retention pond with a fountain. The council was not comfortable with the level of uncertainty in the plans and where funding was coming from for different parts of the project, so they decided to table the issue pending the reception of additional information.

The council also received an update on planning for a traffic signal project.

The council also received the annual audit report. As usual, it included a separation of duties advisory and other routine advisories and minor issues, but nothing major.

A public hearing on the budget was scheduled for March 22nd.

Council members also discussed a possible new ordinance concerning sidewalk cafés. The council passed the first reading.

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