Northwest Iowa — Iowa Lieutenant Governor Adam Gregg was in northwest Iowa on Tuesday as part of his 99-county tour.

Gregg tells us he started the day in Sioux City, by giving blood. Gregg says he wants to highlight the fact that COVID-19 has impacted the blood supply, and it doesn’t take much to give blood. He says he wanted to raise awareness of the need that still exists. He tells us about his visit to Inwood.

(as said) “I stopped at A & R Industries just outside of Inwood. One of the things that I am wanting to highlight is part of this 99-county tour is rural entrepreneurs. And so I met with two young men — 22 and 23 years old — who started their own business and really was born out of some work-based learning that they received a Rock Valley High School for Rocket Manufacturing and they took the skills that they learned there and they used both the trade skills and also the ability to write a business plan and their ability to make connections with potential customers — and they turned that into a business of their own, which is pretty remarkable in a number of senses, but especially because they opened up just a couple weeks before the pandemic really hit so they have only operated for a year. They’ve only operated in the pandemic environment and they’re talking about growth. I think that’s a great story. It’s young people taking control of their future staying right here in Iowa and investing in their community and I come away very inspired from that conversation. “

Next, it was on to Harris.

(as said) “We’re viewing their renovated jail there and new community center. And then Primghar, visiting another small business in O’Brien County. Wrap up the day in Hull in my home county of Sioux County speaking at the War Eagle Conference Academic Banquet. That one’s particularly special to me because I’m… first of all a former War Eagle Conference competitor being a West Sioux grad and also participated in the academic banquet for the years that I was at West Sioux. So it’s kind of coming full circle to have the opportunity to come back serving in the role of Lt. Governor and hopefully be able to impart some wisdom on the outstanding students who we’ll be honoring tonight. I was literally once in their seats and have had the opportunity to rise and serve in this role and I hope that they’re able to take some inspiration from that and build on their success and most of all I’m going to tell them that I hope they say in Iowa. I hope they take their skills and abilities and stay right here and continue to grow and improve our state.”

Gregg is a native of Hawarden. Gregg earned his B.A. from Central College in 2006. He graduated first in his class with degrees in political science and history. He has been in his current position since 2017, first as Acting Lieutenant Governor for two years, and as Lieutenant Governor since 2019.

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