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Sheldon, Iowa — An annual rite of springtime is taking place this weekend, beginning in Sheldon.

Motorcyclists from around the area will rendezvous in Sheldon Saturday to take part in K&J Cycle’s annual Blue Finger Run. Janet Lohrenz who, along with her husband Kent, own and operate K&J Cycle, says the annual event is a time to get your bikes out for the first time this season and have fun.

(As above) “It’s a time where everybody can get back together after a long, hard winter and ride motorcycle and have fun and socialize.”

The Blue Finger Run earned its name from the blue fingers that many riders exhibit after riding in the cold weather we often see this time of year. But Lohrenz says she doesn’t think there will be any blue fingers, based on this weekend’s forecast.

(As above) “I looked at the forecast this morning and it’s supposed to be in the mid-70’s, sunny and the other thing were really excited about is no Wind Advisory.”

She says registration and the ride are both scheduled for Saturday.

(As above) “Registration has always been at K&J Cycle, here at the shop, from 11:00 to 1:00. We do have a $5.00 registration fee, all of which we pay back to the best poker hands at the end. (of the ride)”

Lohrenz says they just want to see people have fun.

(As above) “We want to see people have fun with their bikes and enjoy each other, the motorcycle (and) the open road.”

She says she expects a good sized group of motorcyclists for this year’s Blue Finger Run. She says the last time they had the ride in weather like we’re expecting this Saturday, 219 riders turned out for that year’s Blue Finger Run.

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