September 30, 2021 - 4:01 pm - Posted in News

Statewide Iowa — The latest drought monitor reflects the lack of rain we’ve seen in the state in September. The Iowa Department of Natural Resources’ Tim Hall some areas that were in D-1 moderate drought have now moved to the D-2 severe drought category.

Only about 24 percent of the state is reporting NO drought conditions — down from about 25 percent last week. Hall says we shift at the end of September from the growing season — or “water year” concerns to the subsoil moisture concerns.

He says the need to bank moisture for next year varies across the state.

Hall says one positive is the plants are not pulling water from the ground and the cooler weather leads to less moisture lost from evaporation.

He says there can be replenishing rains in October and November.

Halls says 2020 was also a dry year — so the state started out behind and hasn’t been able to fully replenish the groundwater through this year.

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