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Joplin, MO — Samantha Stewart, a Certified Nursing Assistant (CNA) at Lyon Manor Nursing and Rehab Center in Rock Rapids, recently graduated from NAHCA’s Certified Preceptor Course. The multi- media program, written and delivered by NAHCA, the National Association of Health Care Assistants, provides instruction and coaching to ensure the CNA student understands how to effectively mentor and train new nursing assistants entering the profession of caregiving to the frail and elderly.

By completing the course, exercises and final exam, Samantha has demonstrated that she has the knowledge and tools needed to reduce CNA turnover, integrating them into her “training process” and therefore building the most consistent and stable team of professional caregivers at Lyon Manor Nursing and Rehab Center. Studies consistently demonstrate the immediate and hard cost of one CNA position turning over is $3000 minimum; the NAHCA Certified Preceptor Course will assist in reducing turnover and building a consistent caregiving team to focus on quality resident care.

Jeff Carter, NAHCA Senior Vice-President Membership Services, states “We are always very pleased that CNAs invest the time to learn how they can positively influence new nursing assistants and help them succeed. It also demonstrates the desire of the long term care provider, Lyon Manor Nursing and Rehab Center to invest in their staff to provide the best care possible. Ultimately, the frail and elderly benefit greatly with a consistent and skilled team of CNAs to provide what is often life sustaining care.”

Since completing the intensive eight module NAHCA Certified Preceptor Course, Samantha will be functioning in the role of Preceptor, orienting and training newly hired nursing assistants, focusing on their success in delivering quality care at Lyon Manor Nursing and Rehab Center.

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