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Rock Rapids, Iowa — A Lennox, SD man is behind bars in Lyon County after he was allegedly found with drug paraphernalia, and then later allegedly ran from a deputy.
Law Enforcement Lightbar red
The Lyon County Sheriff’s Office says that 19-year-old Ozra Holzer of Lennox was stopped earlier this month, and a deputy found a controlled substance and drug paraphernalia. Holzer was then released from the scene, but five days later, on Tuesday, February 10, 2015 arrest warrants were issued for Holzer for Possession of a Controlled Substance, a Serious Misdemeanor, and Possession of Drug Paraphernalia, a Simple Misdemeanor.

On Friday afternoon, February 20, 2015, a deputy stopped Holzer in Inwood. During the investigation, the Sheriff’s Office reports that Holzer allegedly fled the scene on foot and was later located as a passenger in a motor vehicle. Holzer was taken into custody on the two outstanding warrants and was also charged with Escape From Custody, a Serious Misdemeanor and Interference With Official Acts, a Simple Misdemeanor.

Holzer is currently being held in the Lyon County Jail. The sheriffs’ office says the investigation is on-going and additional charges are pending.

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Rock Rapids, Iowa — Rock Rapids Mayor Jason Chase says there’s been some confusion over the city’s plans for the big dam in the city’s Island Park.

Big Island Park Dam in minor flood stage in 2012

Big Island Park Dam in minor flood stage in 2012

We had a chance to talk with him, and he says the city council is not trying to get rid of the historic dam, despite what public opinion appears to be.

Chase says that despite the fact that the dam is not needed to provide water power to run a mill as it was in its early days, the council is well aware of the recreational, historic and aesthetic aspects of the dam. However, they also need to keep safety of citizens and other park users in mind. He says the DNR and the council are considering several options to make the dam safer.

Chase says he is taking at least some of the blame for the misunderstanding. He says he found an article in the Des Moines Register talking about how, in communities that actually had removed their dams — the fishing had actually improved, due to better chance for the fish to travel and spawn. Chase says he sent this article to a resident, who sent it to another resident who had just heard about the grant that the city was getting to study the dam, and in the Mayor’s words, “the whole thing just spiraled out of control.”

Some of the options being considered are side channels, stair steps, and more. He says that’s why they need to bring in professional help.

Little Dam Rock River Island Park

Small Island Park Dam in low water over 10 years ago

Chase says the smaller dam downstream just north of the old railroad trestle is actually more of a concern.

Before the flood in the summer of 2014, the city had contracted with park planning firm, Confluence, to get some ideas for improving the park. The flood had an impact on those plans, but that is still moving forward too. One of the things the plan calls for is a new Mini Zoo to replace the one that was destroyed in the flood. We’ll tell you more about that in future newscasts and on kiwaradio.com.

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Sibley, Iowa — Sentencing has been postponed for a former Osceola County Sheriff’s Deputy who pled guilty in a plea agreement in the case of several stolen items being found on a farm place in rural Osceola County.

Block, Michael

According to court records, sentencing for 52-year-old Michael Lawrence Block of Sibley has been pushed back a month, to March 20th, 2015. Block pled guilty earlier this month in Osceola County District Court to seven counts of first-degree theft, as well as a serious misdemeanor charge. Block is alleged to have been in possession of several pieces of stolen agriculture and construction equipment from Osceola, O’Brien, Sioux, and Lyon Counties.

As part of the plea agreement, eleven other charges were dropped.

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Rock Rapids, Iowa — The latest sweep of Lyon County tobacco retailers was a success, according to law enforcement, and the results were somewhat surprising.
lit cigarette smoking
The Lyon County Sheriff’s Office reports they have taken a pledge to keep tobacco out of the hands of Lyon County youth. It’s called the Iowa Pledge — or I-Pledge — and it’s a partnership with the Iowa Alcoholic Beverages Division (ABD) to educate local retailers and to enforce Iowa’s tobacco laws. The I-Pledge Program has helped increase statewide tobacco compliance to a rate of 93% since it began in 2000.

We talked to Lyon County Sheriff Stewart Vander Stoep who tells us how they check for compliance.

Clerks who successfully complete an online training program and pass an exam will be I-Pledge Certified and the retail establishment will receive an affirmative defense against a civil penalty if the certified clerk makes an illegal sale.

Vander Stoep says the I-Pledge Retailer Training Program is a great way for clerks to prepare themselves to refuse illegal tobacco sales. He says the training will help retailers maintain a compliant and responsible establishment.

He says that he’s happy to report 100 percent compliance among Lyon County retailers this year, and says that’s the first time that’s happened in over ten years.

The sheriff says that by partnering with the Iowa Alcoholic Beverages Division, they hope to educate clerks and maintain a compliant retail environment in the county. He says he and his deputies pledge to help keep tobacco out of the hands of youth.

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Rock Rapids, Iowa — A Rock Rapids man who pointed a gun at a deputy was sentenced to two years in jail after he pled guilty in a plea bargain.
Lyon Courthouse SVA
In late October of last year a Lyon County Deputy went to 108 South Bradley Street in Rock Rapids. They report that the occupant of the home, 27-year-old David Harold Warren Jr. threatened the deputy and pointed a rifle at him out of an upstairs window.

Warren was charged with Assault on Persons Engaged in Certain Occupations with intent to cause injury, a class D felony; Harassment in the first degree, an aggravated misdemeanor; and Domestic Abuse, a simple misdemeanor.

According to court records, after pleading not guilty in December, 2014, Warren changed his plea to guilty last week in plea negotiations.

On the assault on persons in certain occupations with intent of injury charge, Warren was sentenced to a year in jail, plus another 305 days in jail was suspended, two fines of $315, one of them to be paid and one suspended; and a year of probation.

On the First Degree Harassment Charge, he was sentenced to another year in jail, to be served consecutively to the other jail sentence, a 275-day suspended jail sentence, another year of probation, and two fines of $625, one to be paid, and one suspended.

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Due to some confusion, the time of the Sunday, March 1st River Valley Players performance of Gypsy!  at the Forster Auditorium at Central Lyon High School has been changed. Instead of being at 2:30 PM as previously announced and published, it will instead be at 2:00 PM.

The Friday and Saturday night performances remain at 7:30 PM.

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Rock Rapids, Iowa — The Lyon County Sheriff’s Office has joined the ranks of area sheriff’s offices on Facebook.
Lyon Sheriff Facebook Header
Lyon County Sheriff Stewart VanderStoep says he was pleased to make the announcement recently. He says the Facebook page will make it much easier for the public to get information from the Sheriff’s Office.

Sheriff’s officials say they will strive to make the page as useful and as helpful as possible. They also say they will be working to make the page very user friendly; with features to come such as a submit-a-tip tab which will allow users to submit an anonymous tip without having to call in.

You can find the page by searching for it on Facebook, but be aware — there are many Lyon Counties in the United States, including counties in Nevada, Kansas, and Minnesota to name a few.

Or you can just click here for a direct link.

Lyon County is the third of the four northwest Iowa counties sheriff’s offices to have a Facebook presence. Now the only one without a Facebook page is the O’Brien County Sheriff’s Office.

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George, Iowa — One person was injured and another arrested after an incident in George on Saturday.
Lyon County Sheriff Car Door 60-8
The Lyon County Sheriff’s office reports that in the early hours of Saturday morning, their deputies responded to a call of an on-going domestic abuse situation at 207 East Calumet in George.

When Sheriff’s personnel arrived, it was determined that the victim was injured and needed medical help, so the deputy transported him to Sanford Rock Rapids Hospital.

When deputies returned, they arrested 32-year-old Caroleen Candito of George and charged her with Domestic Abuse Assault causing serious injuries, a Serious Misdemeanor.

Candito was transported to the Lyon County Jail.

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George, Iowa — Four underage people were charged with alcohol offenses after a party near George on Saturday February 7, 2015.
beer cup underage drinking_sxc
The Lyon County Sheriff’s Office reports that about 11:30 PM that night, they received an anonymous tip regarding a party with possible underage drinking in the 2100 mile of Log Avenue near George.

When officers arrived at the scene, they say there were about four people standing near the front door of the house. When they saw the officers, three of the four allegedly ran into the home. While officers were speaking with the owner of the home they say they heard the sound of breaking glass from the rear of the house.

Upon further investigation, deputies believe that there were four people attending the party under the age of twenty-one. Two seventeen-year-olds from Sibley were cited into juvenile court. Also cited were 20-year-old Trenton John Enger of Rock Rapids and a 20-year-old woman from Texas.

The Lyon County Sheriff’s Department was assisted by the Iowa State Patrol.

Inwood, Iowa — A Rock Valley man is behind bars after he was arrested in Inwood this past week.
Jail Door2
The Lyon County Sheriff’s Office is offering few details about the arrest except: It happened on Thursday, February 5, 2015. The Sheriff’s Office was advised about 1:40 PM that day of what they are only calling “a possible criminal act” that they say had allegedly been occurring in Inwood.

They report that 35-year-old Celestino Colin Florentino of Rock Valley was located at his place of employment near Inwood and was arrested on a charge of Forgery, a Class D Felony.

According to the report, Florentino is being held in the Lyon County Jail under a $12,500 cash-only bond.