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Lester, Iowa — Five people were taken to a hospital after an accident on Friday night near Lester.
Lester Rescue
The Lyon County Sheriff’s Office reports that about 8:25 PM, 59-year-old Wanda Hoogendoorn of Larchwood was driving her 2011 Ford Edge about two miles west of Keith’s Korner in Lester. The report says she was stopped on Highway 9 waiting to turn south on to Dipper Avenue when she was allegedly rear-ended by a 2005 Ford F550 driven by 22-year-old Bernard Rahn of Mission, South Dakota. After it was struck, Hoogendoorn’s vehicle went into the south ditch and rolled and came to rest on the driver’s side.

Hoogendoorn and her four minor passengers were transported to Sanford Hospital in Rock Rapids.

Both vehicles were totaled in the accident.

The Lyon County Sheriff’s Office reports that the Lester Fire and Rescue crew and the Lyon County Ambulance crew assisted them at the scene.

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Rock Rapids, Iowa — The Lyon County Sheriff’s Office has arrested a Sheldon man on Identity Theft, another person on a felony warrant, and a Vermillion woman on drug charges in three separate cases.
Lyon County Sheriff Car Door 60-8
The Sheriff’s Office reports that about 9:30 PM on Thursday night, August 6th, they received an anonymous tip about a wanted person. The caller told them that 34-year-old Matthew Mark Kruse had a warrant for his arrest out of Clay County, Iowa for a parole violation. After further investigation it was discovered that Kruse also had a valid felony warrant out of O’Brien County for contempt of court. Both warrants were for the original charge of OWI 3rd offense.

Kruse was located at 426 Second Avenue in Little Rock, and arrested on both warrants. He was booked into the Lyon County Jail and later was transported to the O’Brien County jail on the O’Brien County warrant.


The Sheriff’s Office also reports that they recently arrested 35-year-old Ryan Charles Jacobson of Sheldon. They charged him with three counts of aggravated misdemeanor identity theft and one count of class D felony identity theft. The arrest stemmed from an investigation of a rural Inwood business whose bank account was being illegally used.

Plus, this past Tuesday August 4, 2015, the Lyon County Sheriff’s Office report that about 11:20 PM, one of their deputies stopped a vehicle on US Highway 75 for speeding south of Rock Rapids. During the traffic stop, the deputy says a passenger of the vehicle was allegedly found to be in possession of a controlled substance. According to the sheriff’s office, a small amount of marijuana was found in the vehicle.

The deputy arrested 25-year-old Sasha Lincoln of Vermillion, South Dakota and charged her with Possession of Marijuana, a Serious Misdemeanor.

The Lyon County Deputy was assisted by a Lyon County K9.

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Rock Rapids, Iowa — The Lyon County Relay for life is going to be a little different this year.
relay for life 2015
In past years, the relay had been at the Central Lyon track on a Friday night in June. Last year, due to the flood, it was postponed to August. Relay organizers have decided to stick with an August relay this year. But other details have changed as well. One of the organizers of the event, Ronda Arends tells us more.

The downtown Rock Rapids location at the Forster Community Center will change the atmosphere somewhat, but Arends says there will still be the opportunity to do laps such as the survivor lap at the event on Wednesday, August 12th.

She says they’ll still have a luminaria ceremony.

She says that if you want to purchase a luminaria, you can call her at 712-541-7189.

Listen for more information about the Lyon County Relay for Life during the Lyon County Daily News on Monday at 8:50 AM on AM 1550, KIWA.

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Statewide Iowa — Iowa’s 19 state-regulated casinos are holding events for Responsible Gaming Education Week. Iowa Gaming Association president, Wes Ehrecke, says it’s a cooperative effort.
slot machines and car grand falls

(as he says)”A theme that we have this year is partnering with a treatment provider. Most of the people who can go to a casino — probably well over 98 percent — can go for the fun and entertainment that it is intended to be,” Ehercke says. “But for those who might be experiencing compulsive behavior or problem gambling –we want to heighten awareness and know where they can go for help.”

He says workers in the casinos learn how to handle problem gambling issues.

(as he says)”Staff will have training from the treatment providers to know what the warning signs are and the intervention skills to use to speak with a person if they might be experiencing problems,” Ehrecke says.

Ehrecke says people can sometimes try to use gambling to try and escape other issues in their lives and that’s something the treatment providers are teaching casino workers.

(as he says)”We want to be able to recognize that to be able to get them to help. We don’t want folks who are experiencing problems to come to our casino, that’s not what it is intended to be,” according to Ehrecke.

He says while the initiatives to heighten awareness will take place at the casino properties throughout the week, the casinos try to promote responsible gaming throughout the year.

(as he says)”We want people to come to the casino for the fun and entertainment that it is intended to be, to bet with their head, not over it. To have a budget, to be responsible, not (to spend) their dollars earmarked for food, clothing, shelter and the like, but really their discretionary dollars earmarked for entertainment,” Ehrecke says.

Ehrecke says the state has great treatment programs and the casinos will do the best they can to help those who need their services to get help.

Story from Radio Iowa

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Lyon County Sheriff Car Door 60-8Larchwood, Iowa — Two vehicles were damaged in an accident near the Grand Falls Casino on Saturday, August 1st.

The Lyon County Sheriff’s Office reports that at about 11:55 am, 37-year-old Mathew Maurer of Larchwood was driving a 2004 Ford Taurus and attempting to make a left turn onto 100th street from Highway 9. Thirty-eight-year-old Nathan Kruse of Matlock was driving a 1995 Cadillac Seville on 100th Street as well, behind Maurer. According to the report, Maurer was yeilding for a passing vehicle that was going southbound, and Kruse rear-ended Maurer.

The Taurus and the Seville both received $5000 damage.

No injuries were reported.

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Cherokee, Iowa — A group of Iowa landowners is suing the Iowa Utilities Board, saying it’s an effort to protect their property from the Dakota Access pipeline, which aims to carry crude oil from North Dakota’s Bakken oil fields, through South Dakota, Iowa and into south-central Illinois. They claim that agents from the proposed Dakota Access pipeline have told them if they don’t agree to easements that allow the pipeline onto their property, they will have their land seized by the state of Iowa. Attorney Bill Hanigan says the state’s utilities board has no authority to grant eminent domain to Dakota Access, because the pipeline doesn’t provide services in the state.

file photo

file photo

“Dakota Access however delivers nothing to Iowans and it receives nothing from Iowans. Furthermore crude oil is not even consumable by anyone until further refined. And Iowa has not crude oil refineries,” Hanigan says. Landowners also say the pipeline will harm agricultural production because it will cause excessive heat and water. Boone County farm owner, Dick Lamb, says he does not want to allow the Dakota Access pipeline onto his property, and says he’s being threatened by agents of the company.

“The buyers have said if you don’t settle with us, you’re going to have to face eminent domain. And that is going to be a terrible situation that you don’t want to go through,” Lamb says. “So yes, I would say I feel threatened.” Texas-based Energy Transfer — the parent company behind Dakota Access — and the Iowa Utilities Board both say they do not comment on pending litigation. The pipeline company says it has obtained easement agreements on more than 61 percent of the tracts along the proposed route in Iowa.

The lawsuit was filed this week in Cherokee County District Court.

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Rock Rapids, Iowa — The Lyon County Sheriff’s Department is looking for the public’s help to try to solve a burglary case in George.
crime scene tape over lightbar
The Sheriff’s Department reports that their deputies are investigating a recent burglary at the Last Call Saloon in George. The burglary is believed to have happened between 1:30 AM and 9:45 AM on Saturday July 25, 2015. Burglars are alleged to have caused a lot of damage to the bar and contents inside.

The Sheriff’s Department also says an undisclosed amount of cash and liquor was taken.

The Sheriff’s Department is asking if anyone saw or heard anything in the area of the Last Call Saloon between those times. If you did, they’d like you to call them at 712-472-8300.

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Rock Rapids, Iowa — Emergency responders were called for an unresponsive man in Rock Rapids on Saturday, July 25.
Lyon County Sheriff Car Door 60-8
The Lyon County Sheriff’s Office says they were called about 7:00 about an unresponsive man lying on the ground in Island Park in Rock Rapids.

When emergency responders got there, the man, identified as 50-year-old Jeffrey Howard Curry, then woke up and began walking away from the park. A Rock Rapids Firefighter followed Curry out of he park west bound on North Second Avenue, where deputies located him. Curry was showing signs of intoxication and subsequently arrested and charged with public intoxication, a simple misdemeanor.

The Lyon County Sheriff’s Department says the Lyon County Ambulance crew and the Rock Rapids Fire Department assisted on the scene.

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Rock Rapids, Iowa — Thousands of people in northwest Iowa and southwest Minnesota were without power for a time early on Thursday.

file photo

file photo

Troy Metzger, dispatcher with L & O Power Coop in Rock Rapids says that the outage affected eastern Lyon County, Iowa and southern rock County Minnesota.

He says the outage happened due to an equipment failure as a sub station near Lake Pahoja about four miles northeast of Inwood. He says that sub station and the lines running to it are owned by Basin Electric Power Coop. But the substation is the point of demarcation between Basin and L & O and the lines running away from it are L & O’s. He says L & O buys power from Basin Electric.

Metzger says the systems affected were Rock Rapids Municipal Utilities, Luverne Municipal Electric, Lyon Rural Electric Coop and Sioux Valley Energy.

He says the outage included the entire cities of Rock Rapids, Iowa and Luverne, Minnesota.

Metzger says the outage started shortly before 1 AM and only lasted about 20 minutes or so because power was rerouted. He says repairs will be made as parts and labor are available

L & O is a power coop that serves rural and municipal electric systems in Rock County, Minnesota, and Lyon and Osceola Counties in Iowa.

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Rock Rapids, Iowa — Four people were taken to the hospital, two of them via ambulance after an accident in Rock Rapids.
lyon co ambulance side
The Lyon County Sheriff’s Office reports that on Tuesday July 21, 2015 at about 1:00 PM, 43-year-old Anita Soodsma, from rural Doon was driving a 2002 Ford Expedition westbound on South Fifth Avenue. They report that 33-year-old Amy Hildring of Larchwood was driving a 2013 Ford Fusion southbound on South Greene Street. The Hildring Fusion struck the rear passenger side of the Soodsma Expedition within the intersection. The Expedition then spun and tipped onto its driver’s side.

The Lyon County Ambulance crew transported Soodsma and a passenger in her vehicle, Jack Soodsma to Sanford Rock Rapids Hospital.

Two passengers of the Fusion were transported to Sanford Rock Rapids via personal vehicle.

The 2002 Ford Expedition received about $5,000 in damages and the 2013 Ford Fusion received about $7,000 in damages.

Soodsma was cited on a charge of failure to yield to vehicle on the right at an uncontrolled intersection, a simple misdemeanor.

The Lyon County Sheriff’s Department says the Rock Rapids Fire Department and the Lyon County Ambulance crew assisted them on the scene.