Statewide Iowa — Iowa Republican Party chairman Jeff Kaufmann says he and the GOP leaders of New Hampshire, South Carolina AND Nevada are wholeheartedly united behind maintaining the same sequences for presidential caucuses and primaries in 2024 that was used in 2020.

The Democratically-led Nevada legislature passed a bill on Monday that seeks to change that state’s Caucus to a Primary and schedule it as the opening event in the presidential nominating process.

Earlier, Kaufmann spoke with the Nevada Republican Party’s leader, who has publicly opposed a first-in-the-nation Nevada Primary, as the state could lose its delegates to the national conventions held by Republicans AND Democrats.

Reid is the former Majority Leader in the U.S. Senate. Reid and other Nevada Democrats argue the state has a diverse population that mirrors the country’s demographics. The Iowa GOP’s chairman says the history of the caucuses shows candidates from diverse backgrounds can compete and win in Iowa like Barack Obama did in 2008 and Ted Cruz did in 2016.

The Republican and Democratic National Committees approve the dates for state primaries and caucuses that help determine each party’s presidential nominee.

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