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Informational Meetings Planned In Our Area About Proposed Carbon Pipeline

Des Moines, Iowa — Several public informational meetings are scheduled in the next few weeks to inform landowners in 36 Iowa counties about a proposed large-scale carbon capture pipeline.

Navigator Heartland Greenway LLC is the company behind the idea.

The pipeline is proposed to span approximately 1,300 miles across five states, including Illinois, Minnesota, Nebraska, and South Dakota. Navigator’s pipeline system would capture carbon dioxide at local facilities, convert it to liquid form, and transfer the liquefied carbon dioxide to a permanent underground sequestration site in Illinois.

The proposed project is classified as a hazardous liquid pipeline.

Under Iowa Code, the pipeline company is required to hold informational meetings in each county in which real property or property rights would be affected, and the meetings are to be conducted at least 30 days prior to the company filing a petition for a new pipeline permit.

The Iowa Utilities Board has scheduled a virtual meeting in addition to the in-person meetings in each affected county and has approved the following schedule of public informational meetings:

· Lyon County: November 29, noon – Forster Community Center, 404 First Ave., Rock Rapids
· Plymouth County: November 29, 6 p.m. – Le Mars Convention Center (lower level), 275 12th St. S.E., Le Mars
· Cherokee County: November 30, noon – Aurelia Community Center, 235 Main St., Aurelia
· Woodbury County: November 30, 6 p.m. – Sioux City Convention Center (Rooms A & B), 801 Fourth St., Sioux City
· O’Brien County: December 1, noon – Crossroads Pavilion Event Center (Great Hall), 301 34th Ave., Sheldon
· Osceola County: December 1, 6 p.m. – 9th Street Center, 418 Ninth St., Sibley
· Dickinson County: December 2, noon – Dickinson County Community Center, 1602 15th St., Spirit Lake
· Clay County: December 13, noon – Clay County Regional Events Center, 800 W. 18th St., Spencer
· Buena Vista County: December 13, 6 p.m. – Alta Community Center, 28 N. Lake St., Alta

The virtual meeting on January 19, 2022 will be conducted at the IUB’s Hearing Room and available by remote access. Details and virtual registration information for that meeting will be posted on the IUB’s online hearing and meeting calendar [1]. Information about the proposed pipeline project also will be available on the IUB’s website, iub.iowa.gov [2]. That site also has the locations and dates for several more meetings.