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Des Moines, Iowa — The University of Iowa unveiled a new mobile medical training truck Tuesday at the Iowa State Capitol. UI program advisor, Cormac O’Sullivan says it allows medical professionals to get trained at home.

He cites one example where they would stage a car accident with mannequins for the local fire department.

They would then take them through training in the emergency room. O’Sullivan says there’s already staff shortages — and it’s tough for small towns to take everyone to a training session.

O’Sullivan is an associate professor in the College of Nursing where this first truck will be based in Iowa City. Two more trucks will be coming.

The goal is to reach every single facility, provider, and county in the state at least once a year with some continuing education training with simulation. Sioux City EMT Trainer, Terry Regaller, was on hand for the announcement.

He says the training is very important to the success of first responders.

The start-up of the program is funded with an eight-million-dollar grant from the Helmsley Charitable Trust. Trustee Walter Panzirer, says Iowa is the fifth state to get these types of trucks.

The funding will gradually drop down over four years, and then the University of Iowa has to find money to keep the program going.

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