Rock Rapids, Iowa — According to stats from the State of Iowa, we could be in a slow rise in number of positive COVID tests. But actual numbers remain low.

Health Services of Lyon County has recently sent out updated illness and exposure guidelines for COVID. We asked Health Services of Lyon County Public Health Administrator Melissa Stillson if we are in a COVID spike. She says we are not.

She gives us some reasons the numbers remain low.

But, Stillson says she wants people to remember how to prevent disease — especially COVID, but many of the COVID precautions work to prevent other diseases as well.

For more information, see the information below, provided by Health Services of Lyon County.

The Isolation document is guidance for people who are ill with COVID-19. It is a nice flow chart that gives guidance on how to handle persons with a positive COVID-19 test. Reminder that first day of symptoms is Day 0- first day of isolation starts the next day.

Second, the quarantine part 2 document provides the flow chart for those persons that are exposed and meet the following :

1. Have not had any covid vaccines
2. Have had two doses but no boosters
3. Have had covid in the past 90 days
4. Have had two doses and a booster

Isolation Guidance

Quarantine Guidance


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