Sheldon, Iowa — A Sheldon institution of higher learning again ranks high — this time being called a good return on investment.

According to an organization called the Bipartisan Policy Center, Northwest Iowa Community College in Sheldon has been ranked among the top Higher Education Institutions across the nation and in Iowa for a student’s return on their financial investment in higher education.

NCC ranked #6 in the nation in the category of “Associate-Granting Public Institutions in the US by Median Lifetime Return on Investment (ROI)” and #9 in “Iowa – 10 Higher Education Institutions in Iowa by Median Lifetime Return on Investment (ROI),” according to a new report called “Which Colleges Are Worth the Cost?.”

NCC officials tell us that both of these reports not only include community colleges from across the nation, but also include public and private 4-year colleges and universities.

Natalie Butler, Project Associate for the Bipartisan Policy Center, says, “We know just how important the ROI on education is to students and their families. We’re excited to share the value of the Northwest Iowa Community College experience…”

NCC President Dr. John Hartog says that NCC’s career and technical students enter the labor force fully prepared to secure good-paying jobs in high-demand fields. He says NCC’s transfer students earn quality credits that are affordable so they can enter four-year universities with advanced standing.

Hartog says, “NCC, like other community colleges throughout our country, is a gateway to the middle class. This high ranking confirms what we already know: NCC yields a great return on tuition investments and makes the American Dream accessible to everyone. The students and staff of NCC are delighted to share this honor with our alumni, industry partners, and communities.”

Click here for the report, including the methodologies used.

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