Sioux Center, Iowa — The Sioux and Lyon County Sheriff Departments are working with local police, trying to identify individuals involved in a check scheme at banks in Alvord, Orange City, and Sioux Center.

They say Hispanic or Guatemalan individuals entered banks in what appears to be a unified manner and presented fraudulent checks for cash. They would reportedly arrive at locations in groups of four to six individuals, enter the lobby to present checks for cash, then another new group of four to six people, and enter in the same manner to overwhelm the bank employees. The fake checks were printed on high quality holographic paper, and had bank routing numbers.

We’re told nearly all of those present wore hats, face coverings, neck coverings, long sleeves, and other attempts to disguise their identity. The suspects kept their faces down to avoid video identification and appeared to be the same individuals at multiple locations.

The investigation continues.

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