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Flood Victim Encouragement Group Meeting Scheduled

300 new RR Water tower looking west [1]You are invited to a gathering of flood victims in order to give you a chance to be encouraged – and to encourage others.
As time drags on, the frustration can grow. This gathering is not to answer questions about rebuilding, selling to Homeland Security, etc. (However, you may gain ideas from what others share.) Instead, the goal is to give you a chance to hear others – and tell others – about those things that frustrate us, scare us, or make us mad about this whole mess.

If you feel talked out already, you don’t have to come. But if you’d like to “get out of the house” and see how others are coping, join us for some refreshments and some time together on:

Thursday, July 31
7:00 p.m.
Peace Lutheran Church, 902 S. Carroll St